Biennial Convention FAQ


Who must register for the conference?

Student and faculty paper presenters, as well as panel chair volunteers.

Family, friends, and spouses are welcome to attend panel sessions at no cost.

What is the registration fee for students?

Pre-registration is $160 through December 4, 2023.  Registration is $180 after December 4, 2023.

What is the registration fee for faculty?

Pre-registration is $180 through December 4, 2023.  Registration is $200 after December 4, 2023.

Is the registration fee refundable?

No.  The registration fee is non-refundable.

I am a student that would like to present a paper at the conference and need to submit it for membership.  How do I become a member?

Student memberships are submitted to the Phi Alpha Theta National Office by the faculty advisor of the local chapter.  A complete list of our chapters nationwide is available on our website at Our one-time initiation fee of $50.00 per student is payable at the time of initiation.  This fee includes a membership certificate, four issues of our journal, The Historian as well as many other membership perks as outlined on our website

Does registering for the conference guarantee me a hotel room?

No.  Registration to the conference is separate from the hotel reservation.  Please see the hotel details below.


Are meals included in the registration price?

No.  Meals are paid separately from the registration fee.  The “convention meal package” provides meals throughout the convention or you can pick and choose the individual meal events that you wish to attend.  Further information is available on our website by the end of May.

Family and friends would like to attend the convention.  Must he/she pay for the registration fee and meals?

Family and friends are welcome to attend the convention. They do not need to pay the registration fee. However, if he/she wishes to attend any meal events, they must pay for their meals.

When selecting my meals at the conference, how do I inform the hotel of any food allergies?

Please email and use the subject line “PAT 2023 Biennial Convention– Special dietary needs.”

What meals will be available at the convention and what do they cost?

Meal options and pricing are available on the PAT Online Store:

What is the cost of the complete meal package?

The Complete Meal Package will cost $150.00


How do I become a delegate for my chapter?

Each chapter is allowed one delegate.  Delegates are appointed by the faculty advisor.

Delegates must complete the following:

  1. Submit a delegate credentials form available on our website
  2. Purchase the complete convention package (registration and complete meal package)
  3. Sign in upon arrival
  4. Attend the Roll Call and Business Meeting at 8:00 a.m. on January 5, 2023.

What are the benefits of serving as a delegate for my chapter?

The delegate of a chapter serves as a representative of his/her school throughout the entire conference.  Delegates are eligible for a $100 reimbursement following the convention.  Delegates must attend the Business Meeting and complete the sign-in sheet to validate their attendance.  Following the convention, PAT National Office requests a copy of your receipt for your airfare or, if you drove, for your mileage to the PAT National Office mailing address.


Is there a dress code?

Business casual is suitable for all events.


How do I reserve a room at The Clyde Hotel?

Rooms can be reserved by clicking here or by calling 1-800-445-8667 and mentioning our Group Code “2301PHIALP”.

What is the group rate to receive the discounted hotel rate?

We have negotiated a very reasonable room rate of $150/night for a Traditional King and Double room.

What is the last day the discounted group rate is available?

To receive the discounted rate, hotel reservations must be made by Friday, December 2, 2022.

Is the group discount rate before or after the convention dates if I wish to arrive earlier and/or stay later?

Yes, the group discount is available from January 4, 2023, through January 8, 2023.

How do I find other students to split the cost of a room at the conference?

Contact your faculty advisor to determine if other students attending the conference would be willing to split the cost of a room.

How far is the airport from the hotel?

The Clyde Hotel is about 4 miles from the Albuquerque International Sunport, 18 miles from the Double Eagle II Airport, and 56 miles from the Sante Fe Regional Airport.

I will be arriving by car.  Is parking at the hotel available?

The Clyde Hotel has a $25 Amenity Fee that includes parking.


On what days will panel sessions be held?

Panel sessions begin mid-day on Wednesday afternoon, January 4, 2023, and run through late afternoon on Saturday, January 7, 2023.  Participants should plan on attending the entire conference when arranging travel plans.  Paper presenters will receive an email in late November with the date and time of their panel session. We are unable to accommodate special requests when scheduling your panel session.

What are the student requirements to present a paper?

Student paper presenters must be a verified member of Phi Alpha Theta and have his/her faculty submit his/her paper.

How does a student submit a paper for presentation at the 2023 Biennial Convention?

Student papers are submitted by the faculty advisor for the chapter via our online web link.

How does a faculty member submit a paper for presentation at the 2023 Biennial Convention?

Faculty members can submit a paper via our online web link.

How does a faculty member volunteer to chair a panel?

Faculty members can volunteer to chair a panel by completing and submitting our online Panel Chair Volunteer online form.

Must a panel chair volunteer register for the conference?

Yes.  Panel chair volunteers must register for the conference.

What are the responsibilities of the panel chair?

Confirm your panel time(s) and location(s) upon arrival.  If any student has failed to provide a copy of his/her paper, do not feel obliged to discuss during your session. Please begin the panel by introducing yourself, each of the speakers as well as the titles of their papers.  Panel sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes. Please keep in mind each presenter has 15 minutes to speak.  When the last speaker is finished, you have the option of commenting on the papers or having an open discussion.

I submitted my paper abstract online, what happens next?

For student paper presenters, an email confirming acceptance of your paper will be sent to you as well as your faculty advisor. All student paper presenters must register for the conference at the time their paper is submitted.

For faculty paper presenters, an email confirming acceptance of your paper will be sent to you.  Faculty paper presenters should register when submitting their paper.

Do student paper presenters need to submit his/her complete paper to the Phi Alpha Theta National office?

No.  The student paper presenter will be requested to email his/her panel chair with a  complete copy of their paper by the end of November.  Only a brief (25 words or less) description of the student’s paper is required at the time the paper proposal is submitted to the national office. This will assist us in organizing the papers thematically into a panel.

How much time does each student have to present?

Each student will have 15 minutes for his/her presentation, which is approximately a 12-page paper, double-spaced.

When will I receive my panel information?

By the end November, each paper presenter (student and faculty) will receive a detailed email providing their panel information.  Students will receive instructions to send a copy of their complete paper to the assigned panel chair.

I am an independent scholar and would like to present a paper at the convention.  How do I submit my paper proposal?

We invite independent scholars to present his/her research by submitting your paper using the online web link.

Can a member who has graduated present a paper and, if so, how do I submit my paper?

Yes.  As long as the person requesting to present a paper is a Phi Alpha Theta member, he/she can present a paper.  In this case, the member should fill out the “student portion” only of the student submission form and submit it directly to PAT headquarters using the online web link for Student Paper Proposals.

Can a student join Phi Alpha Theta sooner than the usual induction ceremony date in order to present a paper at the convention?

Yes, if the student meets the membership requirements as referenced on our website (, then the student may join in order to present a paper. The faculty advisor MUST submit the student’s membership information and dues prior to the conference in order to be on the convention program.

Will AV equipment be provided at the conference?

No. Due to the exorbitant cost, we are unable to offer audio-visual equipment.   You are welcome to provide handouts to assist you in your presentation.