For nearly a century Phi Alpha Thetans have worked to better themselves and their communities. We have worked in local history archives, in local, state, and national parks, as volunteers on campuses, and collected countless materials from our neighbors in the form of interviews and items of historical significance and made sure these are passed on to future generations.

If you are new to Phi Alpha Theta, we urge to you get involved through your local chapter.  A great first step is to attend and present a paper your local regional conference.  Regional conferences are a great way to meet likeminded members of your community who love history and strive to promote its continued study. You can find a list of our regional conferences here.  Every two years, Phi Alpha Theta sponsors a Biennial Convention, where students from all across the country come together to present their research and network with fellow history students and faculty. The next national conference will be held January 4-7, 2023. The Call for Papers will be issued in spring 2022 and details will be posted on our website very soon so check back often!

Phi Alpha Theta offers its members many opportunities for scholarships and awards.  For listing click here.

With 400,000+ members nationwide, Phi Alpha Theta boasts a large robust network of like-minded peers and friends. Build relationships that can help you grow and succeed for a lifetime. We invite you to connect with us on social media – like us on Facebook, connect with us on Instagram and on LinkedIn and Twitter.  We would love to hear about how history and Phi Alpha Theta has enriched your life during and after college. We strive to share our best member stories in our e-newsletter.

Finally, consider making a charitable donation to support Phi Alpha Theta mission.  Phi Alpha Thea History Honor Society is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 by offering financial assistance. Each year we give out tens of thousands of dollars of grants, awards and scholarships to support history. We want to expand our efforts and we can only do that with your generous help.   You can support Phi Alpha Theta in numerous ways, including subscribing to our journal, The Historian.  We also participate in Amazon Smile, so next time you shop on Amazon, be sure to designate Phi Alpha Theta as your preferred charitable organization.  The Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice.

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